Recommended bird feeder: The Squirrel-Buster Plus

Throughout time, Man and Squirrel have uneasily co-existed in a Hegelian dialectic battle for supremacy in controlling access to bird feeders. It is a noble struggle for both creatures, thesis and antithesis, with the fortunes of the birds hanging in the balance. We first got serious about feeding the birds about 10 years ago whenContinue reading “Recommended bird feeder: The Squirrel-Buster Plus”

Naming our neighbors in nature

Like so many others keeping close to home since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, we’re paying much more attention to the creatures inhabiting and visiting our yard and neighborhood. We can’t resist naming some of them. I mentioned recently that we’ve named Aeneas and Dido the house wrens who’ve moved into in our backyardContinue reading “Naming our neighbors in nature”

Now are the foxes

On another futile rose-breasted grosbeak watch this morning, I looked out across the golf course beyond our property line and spotted a couple of red foxes. It’s not unusual to see a fox trotting across the course, sometimes even venturing onto our backyard grass. The golf course maintenance superintendent told me that foxes have livedContinue reading “Now are the foxes”