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Ruby-crowned kinglet at the Mercer Meadows Pole Farm.

Adventures in birding, radiating from central Jersey

This site is a compendium of observations on birds, birding and the flora and fauna inhabiting my world, with its axis in Area Code 609.

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In nature photography, how much post-processing is too much?

Saturday morning arrived cool and very, very overcast gray in my part of the mid-Atlantic region. Those conditions can occasionally make for great photos, but often they leave me with dull, muddy images. The photo above of a great blue heron stalking in Colonial Lake just off Business U.S. 1 in Lawrence Township is what…

Tapping the animal network to bring out a bird

Spring migration has been a bit of a disappointment for me this year, as I haven’t seen as many warblers as I did last year. I’ve heard them, or more accurately the Merlin sound app has heard them clustered around me, but I’ve had relatively little luck spotting them. As of the start of this…

How big was my ‘Big Day’ in 2023?

My 2023 Spring “Big Day” was a lot of fun as I logged 51 species in e-Bird, doing my part to contribute to the crowd-sourced science that makes these annual counts so important in preserving our avian friends. Unlike last year when I traveled to Cape May County during the World Series of Birding, I…

Big days in May: chasing the rare prothonotary warbler

When I first started paying attention to the Spring migration a couple of years ago, I saw sporadic, excited reports of prothonotary warblers being spotted here in New Jersey. What a weird name for a bird, I thought, and I’ll be darned if I’m going to chase all over kingdom come to find one. A…


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