Dan Day

The Jersey Birder

It has taken a while for me to work up the nerve to identify myself publicly as a birder, let alone declare myself “The Jersey Birder.” Even there, I wonder if it would be more appropriate to use the indefinite article and go with “a Jersey birder.”

But go big or go back to the birdhouse, I say. In Spring 2021, as the warblers and other migrants began working their way up the Atlantic flyway, I launched this site.

I’ve been a blogger for many years, on the job in my old role as an editor and online director at a newspaper in California, and on my own as a baseball blogger. I still post to the ballcaps.blog, but more of my energy these days is spent here and out in the woods with my binoculars and camera.

I live and work in Mercer County, New Jersey, home to the state capitol at Trenton and a major university in Princeton. The views here are strictly my own, and I’m reasonably certain no one else would want or claim them. But I do hope you may find some utility or entertainment in them.


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