Capturing Feathers: A digital bird image gallery

We’ve had an awful lot of rain in New Jersey the past few days, much of it the remnants of Hurricane Ian that did so much damage in Florida. With the sky weeping each morning, I have not had a chance to get out with my camera since Saturday.

Fortunately, a rainy-day option is available for birders, particularly those of us who trek the trails at the Charles H. Rogers Wildlife Refuge in Princeton. The Princeton University Library has digitized more than 10,000 pages of the journals of the man for whom the preserve is named.

The university library (full disclosure: I work at Princeton and have friends on the library staff) has begun pulling back the curtain on the project.

The library’s summary page has background on Rogers (1888-1997) and further links to descriptions of the various aspects of the project. It’s worth a look any day, especially on a rainy one like today.

The Rogers preserve, by the way, is listed on eBird as a single entry with the neighboring Princeton Institute Woods. Over time, 206 species have been observed there. I’ve seen 59 to date, with surely more to come.

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